*Sigh* An update

I normally never wanted to write something like this. A thing where I talk about myself over the computer. Always seemed like a copout. But I on the other hand did join a bunch of places saying I'll Write, and now haven't for some time, and I'd just like to say why. Y'know defend my character and all that.

The main reason I haven't been writing right now is because I've been busy as fuck. The trains in NYC have been shitting themselves even worse lately, and so my commute has gotten way, way, way worse. And I can't write on the train cause I can never find a place to sit. Everyone on the train has gotten antisocial in the sense that they don't have proper etiquette even! People keep commanding more and more space than what normally happens. If people weren't hogging with their bags, or spreading their legs, or anything like that, then at least 1/3 more people could sit down, based on my eyeballing. Another reason I haven't been writing is that I don't have much to write about. Most of my time lately has been taken up by school work alongside extensive running in an attempt to achieve some lofty goals I set for myself, alongside trying to recover from an injury I took back in January. I also have been making some stuff, but it's a long project, which I fear hasn't really even started to come close to completion. A major pain in that has been that I can no longer use my PC (for 3D modeling, which is necessary for this project, as it is physical and mechanical), as my cheap (for a GPU, but overall pricy) GPU broke, and now can't sustain any modeling software whatsoever. I guess this is what happens when you let some people who don't care at all about you making your GPU. From now on I'm no longer buying from the Asian market if I can help it, and plan to buy almost entirely American made goods.

Also, I just wanna point out here, and highly encourage anyone who views differently to help me see why I should (as I don't wanna be thinking this), but AgoraRoad, which helped motivate me to write, has been going downhill a lot lately. It's primarily because of this weird massive influx of users. I swear, I got an influx of work for 5 days, I comeh back, and it's fucking swamped with all these really really new guys (I view myself as fairly new, I've only been around for like 7 months, these people have been around for not even 1) double posting all this low quality spam and shit. Whereas before I could see the new page barely change, now almost everything is "last XX minutes" all the time, and everything I see is people not getting any point and just being retarded. If you disagree PLEASE, PLEASE shoot me an email (or message me on AgoraRoad, cause I'm having problems with email), as I don't wanna be believing this. I'm microbyte on AgoraRoad and microbyt3@proton.me

If you don't know what AgoraRoad is, don't worry about it!
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