Ballistic Lang (esolang)

Esolangs are a fascinating part of programming, and I specifically find them interesting. The other day, I was looking at, and I got the idea from there to make a programming language based on a cannon firing bullets. I wrote a wiki page for it here

It does not yet compile, and just has an interpreter that doesn't yet use an AST or anything. It functions by first parsing the memory field by reading line by line, removing the pluses, and then creating a char* that is the memory table. Then it goes line by line in the command section to parse the commands and decide what to do based on that. The syntax needs to include section parts in order to allow the program to split the parts of the program up, which it does using a function that extracts everything between two parts. I'd say it is kinda like assembly in that sense of needing sections and creating tables and variables and all that at the start of the program. I hope the code is pretty self-documenting (terrifying, I know), for anyone interested enough to read this much! It's pretty straightforward.

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