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The P-51 Mustang was one of the more iconic WWII era fighter planes, acting as a single seat bomber escort. I've sat in one. Overall pretty cool and important plane. 9.5/10


The P-38 is my FAVORITE airplane of all time. It's weaponry is insane, and it's cool how it actually has nose weaponry. Plus it's a maneuverable airplane with a massive wingspan and 2 engines, a true feat. It also has the most kills of any American WWII fighter. 20/10


The Cessna 172 is a pretty cool, but simple, plane. I've actually flown it, during my flight training, so I really like it. It's controls are pretty intuitive, and it's a VERY forgiving plane. 10/10


The SR-71 is the fastest ever airplane in sustained flight that could also take off under its own weight. It reached top speeds exceeding mach 3.3. It's an amazing, outstanding, airplane. 12/10


There are a lot of types of Stearman's, and all of them (or at least all the biplanes), look really really cool in my opinion. I think biplanes and taildraggers are really cool, and because of its history, current commonality, and the powerfulness of ceetain types, I hope to own a Stearman one day. 11/10 (for now).