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Hello! I'm microbyte. I chose this name, as it is a mixture of my two favorite things: small stuff, and technology. Especially small technology. I also chose this because I absolutely love microbiology and biochemistry, however I love almost everything with the prefix micro- or nano- in front of it! I’m currently a high-school student living in New York City! A beautiful city, the likes of which are unparalleled. A jungle of steel, and a hive of amazing people. If you want to email me, I am microbyt3@proton.me, or codeberg.

I write about literally anything that I find interesting, including anything physically small, but also possibly stuff about technology, or, in some cases, as a New Yorker, about finance, and the corruption of our world through finance. I also do art/graphic design in Gimp (I used to use photoshop, but photoshop=$$$), and I will post some of those stuff here from time to time. I will also write about science stuff, as I find those INCREDIBLY interesting topics. Finally, I will also post some creative writing here, as creative writing is just a nice, fun, relaxing thing to do, and I think everyone should do it. I also like writing about AI stuff, as I simply find AI interesting. Everything is interesting!


I’ll read it

I’ll read it is an amazing (group? club?) organized by manuel moreale. It is a thing where you submit a blog/site, and people will read it! I am a proud member myself.

I encourage you to sign up to read it, and the blogs are listed below:

Link to my site: 88x31




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